Why Tattoos and their Significance

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There are different ways to express one’s self. For some, a song is their way of expressing themselves. There are some who consider poetry as the best way to express their feelings.

Having tattoos is also one of the ways on how people express themselves. This is a popular way of expression for some people.

But what’s so disappointing for the tattoo enthusiasts is the negative connotation associated to having tattoos. But even so, there are still a lot of people who decide to have them anyway. Listed below are some of the instances or reasons on why people would want to have a tattoo.


  1. Self-expression

This is just one of the most popular reasons because the kind of tattoo placed over one’s skin is something that represents them – be it a dragon, a butterfly, a letter from an ancient alphabet or an Aztec design. Sometimes, a quote is even inked across a certain part of the body or even names of people.

  1. A reminder of a significant event

Often someone chooses to have a tattoo because they would want to be constantly reminded of what has happened to them. There are people who have themselves inked when a memorable event takes place like having a child or finishing a degree. There are different events and different kinds of representation we may see.

  1. A sign of creativity

There are some designs we just cannot decipher the meaning. Sometimes, these signs or symbols are designs made by the person individually. This is the sign of creativity that we may notice from them.